For Non-SOM Yale Students

Enrolling in an SOM Course

Course Enrollment Request

The online enrollment request form is currently not open.  An availability date for Fall 2018 will be listed in here in late August. 


Enrollment Requests:

  • Registration will be reviewed and approved by the SOM Registrar.
  • Read carefully and adhere to all policies listed on the Course Enrollment Request form.
  • Note that all SOM courses have enrollment limits (separate from the number of actual seats in the classroom).
  • Check with your school's Registrar for policies, procedures and forms required by your school when registering for a Yale SOM course.

Professional school students: Confirmation of approval will be sent to your school's Registrar, who is responsible for adding the course to your schedule. Check your schedule on SIS (Student Information Systems). Direct any questions about your schedule to your school's Registrar. 

Graduate School of Arts & Science students: Confirmation of approval will be sent to your school's Registrar. You must also officially register for SOM courses through your DGS. Please see your department registrar to add an approved SOM course to your schedule.

Yale College students: Once you have received approval from the SOM Registrar, you are responsible for having the Yale College form "Request to Elect a Graduate or Professional School Course" signed by the instructor and then bringing it to the SOM Registrar's Office. Once the Registrar has signed this form, you are responsible for submitting it to your Dean's Office.

Units of course credit listed on the Yale SOM course page are for SOM students only. Questions about the credit you will receive for a Yale SOM course should be directed to your school's Registrar. 

Materials:  Note that you will be billed for materials distributed in class or via Canvas. The fee is $15 for a 1/2 semester course and $30 for a full semester course.

Canvas Access: The YSOM Registrar’s Office will add you to Canvas as a “shopper” until your School processes your enrollment.  You will then be added to Canvas as a “student”.

Photographic and Video Images and Audio Recordings:  By attending and/or participating in SOM classes, students agree to have their image and/or voice video or audio captured. These recordings are only available to other students enrolled in the course.

Yale SOM Course Sessions

Refer to the Yale SOM Academic Calendar for pertinent dates.

  • Fall or Spring Courses – full semester courses
  • Fall-1 Courses – ½ semester courses which start at the beginning of the fall semester
  • Fall-2 Courses – ½ semester courses which start after fall break – check SOM academic calendar for dates
  • Spring-1 Courses – ½ semester courses which start at the beginning of the spring semester
  • Spring-2 Courses – ½ semester courses which begin after spring break – check SOM academic calendar for dates

Canvas Access for Shoppers: (not available for spring-2 2018)

  • Under “Quick Links” select “Canvas for Shoppers”.
  • All SOM course assignments, readings are posted on Canvas.
  • We will need your name, email address, school, net id, student id and UPI to add you to Canvas.  Available courses are listed in the drop down box.  If you don’t see a course listed it is because course is closed, enrollment should be requested at the primary school or it is a 2nd session course.
  • If you wish to pursue enrollment, you must also complete the enrollment request form, the link to which can be found under “Quick Links” below.
  • Being added to Canvas does not imply approval of an enrollment request. 
  • Shoppers who have not completed the enrollment request form will be dropped from Canvas


Quick Links

Yale School of Management Registrar's Office Office:  

165 Whitney Avenue, Room 2540

Hours: M-F, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 
(summer hours, 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)