For Non-SOM Yale Students

Welcome to the SOM site for nonSOM students

***Shopping for all SOM courses is  online  this year***

Spring -2  enrollments requests are currently waitlisted.   Login to your profile the week of March 22nd to check the status of your enrollment.  You should always attend the first class via Zoom as attendance is required in SOM courses.   

REMINDER: If you are “shopping” a course please remember to log back into your profile and change your status from “shopper” to “request to enroll” .  If you do not change your status from shopper to request to enroll our office will not know you’re interested in enrolling in the course. Shoppers are purged from all canvas sites a few weeks after the start of classes.   Please read below for more helpful information.


Enrollment Requests Information:

  • Please note that because of social distancing our courses have limited enrollment.  Therefore, you will be required to take the course online. 
  •  Public Health students in the Health Care Management program will be allowed to participate in-person
  • Read carefully and adhere to all policies listed on the Course Enrollment Request form.
  • Note that all SOM courses have enrollment limits (separate from the number of actual seats in the classroom).
  • Professor approval is required to take SOM courses.  You should always attend the first course as attendance in the first class in manadatory in SOM courses.   
  • Registration will be reviewed and approved by the SOM Registrar.


Policies & Procedures  for the school you are admitted while registering for a Yale SOM course:

Professional school students: Confirmation of approval will be sent to your school's Registrar, who is responsible for adding the course to your schedule. Check your schedule on SIS (Student Information Systems). Direct any questions about your schedule to your school's Registrar. 

Graduate School of Arts & Science students: Confirmation of approval will be sent to your school's Registrar. You must also officially register for SOM courses through your DGS. Please see your department registrar to add an approved SOM course to your schedule.

Yale College students: Once you have received approval from the SOM Registrar, you are responsible for submitting the Yale College dynamic form "Request to Elect a Graduate or Professional School Course"  .  The form is sent to Yale College Registrar, the Instructor and SOM Registrar.  If you have any questions regarding unit conversion or the dynamic form please contact your school’s Registrar's office. 

Units: of course credit listed on the Yale SOM course page are for SOM students only. Questions about the credit you will receive for a Yale SOM course should be directed to your school's Registrar. 

Materials:  Note that you will be billed for materials distributed in class or via Canvas. The fee is $20 for a 1/2 semester course and $40 for a full semester course.

Photographic and Video Images and Audio Recordings:  By attending and/or participating in SOM classes, students agree to have their image and/or voice video or audio captured. These recordings are only available to other students enrolled in the course.





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Hours: M-F, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. -Working Remote